Friday, June 09, 2006

Ever shouted at your boss?

Have you ever shouted at your boss who, you think, is ethically, intellectually and educationally below your status? In this blog you can come across some anarchists and non-careerists who think that in all organizations bosses are from the same mould and should be shouted at by their subordinates. It goes without saying that the battle is always won by the bosses; the employee finally gets a Warning and/or a Termination notice, that’s for sure.

Isn’t this a big joke? Just read through a warning letter, termination notice or a resignation letter, you will come to know about the real status of incidents. Finally, you come to a conclusion that bosses are not only to be shouted at but also are to be treated in ‘proper’ ways. Higher authorities cannot be passive spectators here. They have to be on one side or the other. But the employee doesn’t have to worry about it. Higher authorities will justify none other than your boss who is always their ‘chamcha’.

No trade unionism, no proletarian struggle; these are some of ‘boss-subordinate encounter’ sagas which the companies want to hide. Companies hide these stories because in most of the cases they are badly hit by the fury (legitimate or illegitimate) of the fired employee. Who is bothered about right or wrong! Let’s watch some good fights where the weak and the unarmed hits the strong with ‘nothing to lose’ kind of vigor.

An objective wrongly conceptualized!

Given below is the write-up I initially prepared for this blog. Later I found out that I myself have mis conceptualized the whole idea. You can see the difference between the initial and final conceptualization. Happy reading...

The thematic of this blog is not new to the publishing and web world. But when I was planning to develop this blog I was rather obstinate about one idea, that things should not be presented objectively in this blog. Hence, in this blog one can find an expression of emotion, a plethora of voices muffled by biases and authoritarianism prevalent even in the organizational affairs of civilized societies.

This site will present you mainly with the employee versions of some real incidents inside organizations where the employees are warned, insulted and sometimes fired by the authorities. Sometimes a resignation letter can tell you a whole lot of things which cannot be brought to light by any research study or analysis. Resignation letters do not belong to the 'aesthetic' but they are from life, from La vita nuda.

Readers of this blog can become judgemental, ask us for more facts and opinions, and present their own experiences within organizations in an independent way. This is not an attempt to defame any organization. But the blog will clearly show all names of people and organizations involved in the stories as far as possible.

We do not believe in Journalistic ethics. So it is not the 'greater common good' (if at all there is anything like this) that we are aiming at. One can observe that in some instances an employee is clearly at fault. But still the objective of this blog is fulfilled when s/he comes forward to speak and explain to us about her/his take of the whole issue without fear or coercion. Isn’t it good to see someone who is at a disadvantageous position speaks out her/his mind?

But have you already categorized this attempt as feminist, sub-altern or simply humanist? We don’t mind, anyway…