Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Employment Fraud Issue Boiling

An first hand account of a victim of an employment fraud in our district in which a missionary priest also is alleged to have involved.

A Priest Spoiled and Spoiling Thousands of People Life

A Franciscan Priest “Fr. Thomas Kulathingal“and his partner “P.A. Joseph“(A Politician and Real Estate Businessman) Spoiled and spoiling thousand of people life by offering U.K. Visas in India - Kerala.

The Priest Address is,

Fr. Thomas Kulathingal, Mobile: +919447410719
M.I. Centre,
Assisi Shanthi Kendra,
Conventual Franciscan Friars
P.B.4, Karukutty - 683 576

Email : convind@giasmd01.vsnl.net.in

His “Father Superior” Name is Fr. Mathew, Mobile:-+919447338415

The Priest “Fr.Thomas Kulathingal” (Native from Kalpatta, Idukki – (in Kerala - India) has said to the people that he got lot of U.K. Visas based on charity and he got a sub agency from U.K.. He collected money from thousands of the people 75,000/- bugs to 5, 00,000/- bugs Indian Currency from each of them in December 2005 and also 25,000/- bugs Indian currency for Insurance as first Installment. Most of the People have given this money from bank loans and heavy interest. The Priest told to the people can go with in two months as Airport sweeper, Oil Rig Employees and accountant for two years contract (Which can be Renewable for 10 years) with the salary of 43,000/- to 1,50,000 /- Indian currency, the accommodation, food and medical done by the company itself. But nothing was happened after two months.

Then after two months the priest appointed as partner P.A Joseph (Native from Kumali – Idukki (in Kerala - India) and told to all people if anybody wants to go U.K. give the money to his partner and he will assist you.

Then after two months he told the U.K. Main Agency will come to interview these people in next month first week. When next arrived, he told the interview must be contempt last of that month. When last of that month come, he told there is problem going on in U.K. because of bombard, and so the agency people have come from U.K. they have gone back to U.K. because of this incident. And he said the U.K. Embassy has temporary stopped Visa Stamping.

In this situation some people asked for their money, passport and documents back. But priest has refused to give and said to them this will be alright and they can go U.K with in next month last. The few guys have come for leave from gulf countries, they also asked him for their passport and documents to go back and retain their current job. But priest has refused to give their documents and he made promise that they can go next month and said to resign that job and cancel that visa. The other peoples those who got the chances for other jobs they asked their passport and documents, then also he stand as an interrupter and gave promises.

When next month arrived, the Priest has said - they have no license for recruiting people to U.K. At last he got license after two to Four months. And then priest and his partner made “Annual Celebration”.
In the Annual Celebration priest has said now they need only one month, i.e. next month first week the visa stamping will be done and last of the that month the people can join in their job.At this time the news has come about the priest in the news papers.

But next month nothing has happened, it has going like promises and promises As Month’s first week and Last week, which never ends.

After this, the priest and his partner have shown an Agreement, of “Assany Abroad Consultancy U.K.” to the people.

But it has got so many spelling mistakes. (The true is the agreement made by Priest and His partner)

Address has given like this,

Assany Abroad Consultancy
(Manpower Supply Agency – U.K.)
Suite 789,
Old Brompton Road,
London sw 7 300 U.K. Phone No. 0044 - 1753692184

And this contract has given to priest partner – P.A. Joseph in the following address.


No. 0202/APT/Rccr /India /2006-2008

M/s Thekkady Manpower Service Pvt Ltd,
Plavuvachathil Building,
Theckkady Road, Kumily,
Idukki D.T, Kerala – 686 5509

But the visa dealings are done in another office with the people, situated at “Kochi” (in Kerala – India.)

M/s Thekkady Manpower Service Pvt Ltd,
Golden Road,
Thammanam - Vytila (Via),
Anjumuri, Mobile:- +919447032366, +919447057870
Kochi, Office Phone No. +91 484 6580274, +91 484 6580276
India. +91 484 2337850

His Native and Priest Native are Idukki.

After showing this agreement the priest said next month there will be Medical. There after the
interview will be there with “Assany Abroad Consultancy” and they will select each person and they can
go last of that month.
Medical has done well in following diagnostic centre after two three months,

Address :

Beeta Diagnostic centre, Dr. V.A. Mohamed Salid
Poimblassery Building,
Kannamthodth lane, Phone No. +91 484 3246090
Valajambalam, E mail: brrtadiagnostic@yahoo.co.in
Kochi – 682 016,
Kerala – India.

The Priest said there is only medical and the interview has cancelled. When the people questioned about that the priest answered, when the interview started the whole people could not go. But nobody has gone. The priest again collected from people 8,500/- bugs Indian currency by saying for Visa Stamping and made promise for first and last of next month as continuing.

People enquired about “Assany Abroad Consultancy” in U.K. but nobody has got the correct details about the agency. People questioned to priest about this - then priest said, the agreement was his creation, there is no agency like “Assany Abroad Consultancy” in U.K., and he continued, the agency has said to him
do not give the real address of their because people will disturb them.

When Next month Arrived the priest said, the Visa Stamping has been Over and but he have to get one letter, that has to be sign by the UK embassy. The employee - he has to sign, he has gone for a leave (For 25-12-2006 Christmas and 01-01-2007 New Year), And he promised from 3rd January 2007 on words he will give all stamped visas and from 5th January on words will start to go UK.

When 3rd January 2007 has come the priest said the Stamping has not done (How Much Lie He said), The U.K. Embassy has enquired about letter of “Indian Labor Council”, after getting this letter the stamping will start. For that purpose Priest Partner P.A. Joseph has gone from Madras to Delhi for collecting that.

Now Two Years Left…………
To date there is nothing happened and Nobody has gone to U.K. ……………

Still he saying the people can go next month………
The priest was the superior of the “Paduva Seminary”, when he started this dirty game,
His Partner P.A. Joseph bought too many plots with this money for his business purpose.

Franciscan Friars Convent,
Paduva Seminary,
Trichur D.T, Kerala
India. Phone No:- +91 480 2786422

The priest is doing very cruel to the people. Now people become at stage of suicide.
Because they have no job, the other chances they got that also lose and no resources for their future life.

“One day the Bank will seal their houses and plots, which they earned in their life by hard work“

They Believing in GOD, that’s why they believed the Priest and his words.

What you can do for these

Poor Christian People…………?



Can WE call him A Priest……???

It is very shame for Christianity……!!!