Monday, July 02, 2007

Corrective action notice


Ground Zero
Content Developer - E- Business Department
xyz company

Sub: Corrective Action Notice

Dear Mr. Ground Zero,

This is to bring to your notice that your way of working at xyz company has been found short of expectations on many occasions, in many ways. While you have been frequently advised to mend your behaviour and change your style of working many a time verbally, I take this opportunity to formally write to you to apprise you of matters of great concern to all of us at xyz company. I would like you to know that we value your participation in the company's endeavour for excellence and leadership in its business and this Corrective Action Notice is a step for us to align your abilities with the best interests of our company. I would appreciate if you could take note of the following points and improve upon them:

1. Insubordination and Rude Behaviour: Ever since your started working with us, I have verbally advised you at least three times to reflect respectful behaviour for your team-mates. Whenever we were aiming to finish a project on its deadline, you have always refused to stay back even a little beyond office hours to help accomplish the project. This is despite the fact that your appointment letter issued to you clearly indicates that the company requires you to stay back if the nature of work demands that in the reasonable interests of the company. Consequent to your actions and non-cooperative attitude, the important work was always left to be attended to by other team mates or your superiors. Maintaining the precedence of your rude behaviour, on Saturday, the 25th February 2006, you spoke rudely to your superiors in front of the whole team of workers. Your statement that I, your reporting boss, speak useless things for 13 out of 15 minutes and your warning to me for not trying to speak English in front of you, was wholly in bad taste and spirit. You blatantly refused to stay even a little longer beyond office hours, disregarding the fact that the team as a whole was responsible to complete the project on that date. You walked out of the team-meeting at 4.30 pm without reason. Later the same day, when we tried to help you absorb the importance of work ethics in tripartite meeting involving your Mentor, Mr. Praveen Joshi, once again your rude behaviour and non-cooperative attitude was evident and you even tried to walk out of the meeting that was called for a reconciliation of situation.

2. Inflexibility: Although you were appointed to work as a Content Writer and Developer, you have ignored the suggestions of senior management to improve your style of writing. At times, you put up defensive affront saying that you can write only with your personal preferences and you would not change that in any way. Consequently, a good volume of content prepared by you for our web portal was found wanting in many respects and additional manpower is now being used to create content, although that should have been done by you.

3. Learning new skills and taking initiative: Sustained efforts by the company to impart you training on additional job skills have not been met with your desire to work well. Although you were selected by Great Thinking for an important business contract of xyz company, your performance was found seriously wanting that led to your rejection by the project owners. One of their numerous complaints was that you were not comfortable with American Standard English. Acknowledgement of your inflexibility and lack of initiative in adapting to evolving needs of the work environment by a third party has not left a good impression about your performance.

4. Spending time on browsing unnecessary websites: Time and again, you have been advised to not do your personal literary writing work using company resources and time. Just yesterday, you were found composing a multi-page word document that was your personal work and not related to the work allocated to you. Please note that repetitive behaviour to this effect cannot be tolerated any more.

Ground Zero, in the interest of good working atmosphere and your achieving desired levels of productivity, you are hereby informed that the company is now giving you ten more days (starting 1st of March 2006) to show marked improvement in your performance. Formal proceedings for your termination from the services of xyz company may be initiated after the expiry of such period.

We trust you will utilize this opportunity to your fullest advantage and improve your performance.


Dinesh Mishra
E-Business Manager
xyz company

28th February 2006.